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7 reasons why you should use async/await today

For several years node.js programmers have been using callbacks, promises and generators for managing asynchronous functions and honestly that was several years of pain. Every of above approaches had it's own pain points like handling exceptions, chaining, breaking a promise chain etc. But that...

Multiple testResultsProcessors with JEST

Currently "testResultsProcessor" option for JEST accepts only single module to process test results. Unfortunately this approach quickly becomes insufficient if you need code coverage remapping and junit reports for CircleCI. Fortunately documentation for JEST is pretty good and says: This option allows the...

Is Singleton pattern really that bad?

It's quite common to believe that Singleton is a total antipattern and should be avoided at all cost. Well... that's not always true. The key here is to understand why Singleton is perceived as a bad thing. Singleton? What is it? Singleton is a creational...